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"I am so impressed with the early look at your poems. I am amazed that you can feel so much from a painting and then put it into words. I can’t wait for more!"

- Tony Heath


Whenever any information "hits" my senses, I try to stop and notice my response. Sometimes, pictures form. Other times, there comes a feeling , a quickened heartbeat, a word, a sound. These perceptions, or better perhaps, receptions, are the inspiration for my poetry and music.

I have had Tony's paintings in my house for several years now and I still really look at them, with interest and feeling. My lack of ambivalence towards his work speaks as much to me as the works themselves so, in this collection, I have given a voice to just a few.

- Helena Cavan


© Tony Heath, Careless Whisper Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011


Ballet Burlesque

Limelight shadows
Dance between
Sighs extend for a

She dreamt
Degas Dance Class
All turned out and tutus
Legs stretched completely and

At Cabaret Brusque
Compère is calling
Throaty and cunning Voix de Ville
“Bend” and “Flex” 
“Mingle my Ecdysiast” 
(you know, and all that jazz) 

Plié. Plié.


© Tony Heath, Let Me See Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011


BeCAUSE I'm Worth It

© Tony Heath,  Maybe  Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011

© Tony Heath, Maybe Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011


Cinderella Taken

No bed of roses, resigned repose
Head in a haze, not a cloud
Feet planted flighty, soon bidden to go
Out dancing with Want Disallowed.

Crisp linen dreams dressed in LBD nightmares
Metal rings cloak fingers but the fourth
Very much taken, forever the Lady
In Waiting for, waiting for what?

With Apsara wings clipped right to the quick
Celestial hopes flown with good luck
Oh Shakespeare how desperate to be, to be
“Subject to” a “partial towards”,
not THE “object of” his love.

To “partake of” not be “the partaken”
God, let someone be taken with me
Be taken with someone as born myself
Not the cinder that I’ve become.

1 little black dress


Once Shadow Now Matter

Torn into pieces
          Stuck together
                            With shadows

         Angular curves utter
Blessings and curses
         Flowing sharp corners lead
Dead-end infinity
         Masked transparencies move
Screens in shadow-plays


Hiding and visible
         Presently dissociated
Exhausted and endlessly


Colourful shallows dance
         Deepening and dreaming
Solitude meets silence 


Once shadow now


© Tony Heath, Forever Autumn Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011


Alguna Vez Sombra, Ahora Materia

Rota en pedazos
Atrapada en sombras
Curvas angulares pronuncian
Bendiciones y maldiciones
Esquinas afiladas que fluyen
Llevándome a un callejón sin salida que no tiene fin
Transparencias enmascaradas que mueven
Velos en un teatro de sombras
Escondida y visible
Presentemente disociada
Moviéndome infinitamente
Sombras coloridas danzan
Penetrando y soñando
La soledad besa al silencio
Alguna vez sombra, ahora

Translation by Patricia Hinde


© Tony Heath, Blue Moon Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011



How long do you have to be down for,
for down-ness to matter?

(muscular limbs and strong sinews to pull you up tall) 
(if you love to play and have very highly developed senses). 
(keep your secrets, stay relatively inaccessible and climb higher with lithe agility).
To be very-very-social-candid-lissom-and-savvy-immaculately-presented-and-sleek
   (Perfectly accessorised in fur coats and wielding retractable gadgets)
is a skilful and technical, trendy and fluid

When will what matters
become just about
getting up and


Ellie's Paradigm

She believed,
Bouffey, perhaps.

He said,
“Biggest Darn Butt I’ve ever seen.”

“This morning I woke up a Possum
and now,
I’m a Mammoth!” 

Such good news.
It’s all about positioning.

Inspired by the film, Ice Age.


© Tony Heath,  Take It Easy  Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011

© Tony Heath, Take It Easy Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011


© Tony Heath, Wake Up Alone Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011



Alice was a child, once

i remember
before my name was Alice
turning my face to
the sun

i closed my eyes
and the brightness penetrated- 
invaded my eyelids without
even opening them!

shapes my body
i open or close
without thinking



Mirror, Mirror

“I’m only good for one thing.”
Whisperings LOUDER
than quietest thoughts.

“I’m fat. I’m not sexy.”
Messages worming deepest beliefs.
When I turn away,
restless Nagger reminds
what I think I’ve been seeing.

“I’m not posh enough,
my background is wrong.”
Wretched mirror, what you say
feels completely true yet
in the image of incompleteness,
you lie.

“I’m not good enough.”
When this looking stops,
will the dim light of this condemning glass
find me shrinking in a darkened room
decorated Shabby Chic with these whispers?
“I’m useless.”
“A fool.”

You say I can identify a still small voice,
call to it; that it will help me?  I will shout:
“Take me away from this place, NOW!!”

Take me to a different room with different thoughts
to a beautiful mirror whose laser light
will remove these dark tattoos from my mind.

I will see in full colour, rest
in the stillness of beauty
when I believe what I read in The Book,
“You are altogether


© Tony Heath, Beautiful Goodbye Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011

© Tony Heath,  I can't get no satisfaction  Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011

© Tony Heath, I can't get no satisfaction Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011


reaching thoughts

clipping toenails off
well travelled feet
no thought or careful or
careless clipping
just clip p-i-n-g

and only ten now
enough to be repetitive but
not thirty to keep up on
in high concentration
clipping on tenterhooks to avoid
winces, screams,
drawing blood

toenail clippers drop in heavy silence
where breasts meeting thighs and knees
warm like the soft insides of a Mother
nest lined with tiny feathers

a first and last position
where reaching toes
and thoughts
becomes effortless



This moment is all about
For its own sake
S t r e t c h ing
Concerned with nothing other than
S t r e t c h i n g
Thinking “the miracle of movement”
S  t  r  e  t  c  h  i n g
Chin up, eyes straight
S  t  r  e  t  c  h  i  n  g
Cool, calm, no sweat
S   t   r   e   t   c   h  i  n  g
BEING balance
S   t   r   e   t   c   h   i   n   g
Staying present and
S    t    r    e    t    c    h    i    n    g

“Through such concentration,
you gather your fragmented self;
and by touching one thing more
deeply, momentarily,
you touch life more deeply.” 1

1 Simon Parke, “One Minute Mindfulness how to live in the moment,” (London: Hay House 2011) p. 10.

© Tony Heath,  Walk On By  Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011

© Tony Heath, Walk On By Acrylic on board 24 x 18 inches 2011


2012 Body Language PREMIERE

At the Gallery in Redchurch Street, London, England

where the above poems were exhibited next to the paintings