old yew speaks 33 blessings


At last, a meaningful thank you for the wonderful card poems! I wanted to take time to read and re read them. You have put such a huge amount of love ( time, effort, thought, care) into this 'work'. They are an original and powerful concept, carried out with such exquisite diligence; the blessings encapsulate massive universal truths yet, like all great poetry they appear simple (in the truest, sweetest sense) and concise: easy to read yet hard to assimilate quickly.

Rosamund Young, Author, The Secret Life of Cows
Commenting on Old Yew Speaks 33 Blessings



I feel I should have had your 33 yew tree thoughts to guide my career to re-focus my perspective when things went wrong.

- John Sales, former Head of Gardens & Chief Garden Advisor at The National Trust


I think of you every day as I turn over the next card in the series of Old Yew Speaks and read first the gem of information and then the related blessing. It has become my personal 'thought for the day' and as Yew plays such a dominant part in the garden here, and the churchyard next door, it seems to have an extra resonance. 

- Anonymous Gardener

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Thank you so much for sharing your project Old Yew Tree Speaks 33 Blessings. I was captivated by each card as each one has so much thought and meaning behind every message.

You really do have a way with words and a god given talent, and I don’t know where you get your inspiration from.... but it is truly magical! And you’re so clever to remember that Harry Potter’s magic wand is made from Yew.

I have one word to say, and that’s Yewphoria! I can see so many people benefiting and healing from your pearls of wisdom.... it gave me goose bumps and that warm fuzzy feeling that is so soothing, which is why I had to go back and read them all for a second time.

- Henry Martin, UK Trader