Acajatuba for Piccolos


Michael Bochmann

Michael Bochmann and Helena have worked together since they were introduced by their mutual Winchcombe child minder in 2004. Michael has recorded, commissioned and performed Helena's music in a rich musical exchange. As their daughters remain best of friends. 


Acajatuba - Song of the Toucan

Song of the Toucan for violin solo was commissioned by James Coles in 2005 and premiered in 2006.  It is a transcription of Acajatuba, a piece for three piccolos that was written as a response to a visit of the Brazilian Amazonian archipelago of the same name in 2000.  Inspired by the song of the toucan, transcribed in the jungle itself, this work is an evocative response to the natural and political plight of the Amazon.

They Stand There Weeping for Clarinet & Piano


Helena's Biography


1990-1996 Western Washington University (WWU) Composition Major, Roger Briggs
1993 Marriage to Jonathan Cavan
University of Washington (UW) Composition Major, Joël F. Durand
1994 Emigrated to the UK informally attended RAM composition lectures
1996-2000 Royal Academy of Music London B.Mus., LRAM Composition, Michael Finnissy
2010 CT ABRSM Piano Teaching

Post Royal Academy of Music

2001 January Son was born.
2001 April North American West Coast concert tour with duo Lila Gailing, piano and Josep Sancho, clarinet, They Stand There Weeping with live radio broadcast on Classic King FM Seattle.
2001 Joined PRS/MCPS
2002 January Commissioned £1k to write a choral work for the Durban Choral Society UK Tour.  A Prairie Sunset, premiered at the Presteigne Festival with Peter Broadbent and the Joyful Company of Singers in 2003.
2002 Nana, Ojos Azules for violin and harp. Commissioned by David Watkins and Michael Bochmann for Trinity Church, Cheltenham Arts Festival
2003 Daughter was born.

2005 Jim Coles, violinist, asks to do a transcription of my piccolo piece, Acajatuba, for solo violin.  He releases this on a cd he produces.
2006 Michael Bochmann and David Watkins premiered a piece for harp and violin, Nana, Ojos Azules.  This piece continues as a regular part of their duo programme.
2008 The Oriel Singers perform, A Prairie Sunset.
2009  Michael Bochmann records Song of the Toucan for solo violin (recomposed of Coles’ transcription) and incorporates it into his solo concert programme. Michael Bochmann will release Song of the Toucan on his solo CD in 2013.
2010 Friends of Hailes ask me to write a piece for a 10th Anniversary Celebration. The ESO premiere, Pilgrims Journey for string orchestra and mezzo-soprano, to a setting of a text I also wrote.

2011 ESO asks me to write a piece for a collaboration concert with Hereford 6th Form College, ESO and the Herefordshire Music Service.  The Song of the Millennials (19 min) is premiered in Hereford Cathedral.
2011 Kenneth Roles and Victoria Kane, commission me to write a piece for the Winchcombe Festival of Music and Art and premiere, A Brother and a Sister, for baritone, mezzo-soprano and John Paul Gandy, piano.

2012 Commissioned £5k by All Saints Malvern Wells and Wyche to write a piece funded by the Lottery Heritage Commission for the refurbished Whinfield organ and community musicians, Salt, Springs and Spirit (20 min.) premiered January 2013.
2012 ESO Commission me to re-write a shorter Real Reel for two violins and young strings, premiered March 2012 at the Swan Theatre, Worcester.
2012 The Oriel Singers premiere the choral transcription of The Garden of Childhood for a capella choir at the Winchcombe Festival of Music and Art.
2013 Corinne Frost, cello and Janine Smith, piano ask me to write a piece inspired by Corinne’s grandfather’s letters written from the trenches of WWI in preparation for the 100 year’s celebrations in 2014.

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2015-2018 Compose The Milestone Detox company

Helena Cavan List of Works

2000 Acajatuba for three piccolos
2000 They Stand There Weeping for piano and clarinet
2001 A Prairie Sunset for a capella choir
2002 Nana, Ojos Azules for harp and violin
2006 The Song of the Toucan for solo violin
2010 Pilgrim’s Journey for string orchestra and mezzo soprano
2011 The Garden of Childhood for Baritone, Mezzo soprano and piano
2011 The Song of the Millennials for orchestra, choir and children’s choir
2012 The Garden of Childhood for a capella choir
2012/13 Salt, Springs and Spirit for organ and community musicians (tenor solo, violin solo, male voice choir, children’s choir, ukulele band, brass band and woodwinds).
2014 Consonance for cello and piano