Streams of Gold

“… a complete delight!”

“Intense reference to personal activities, formative moments and significant facets of 'life' - alongside elements of the wider world - Streams of Gold spiralled into the receptive mind so that the subtly condensed weavings of memorial or creative perceptions sprang readily into one's own stirred thoughts.

All manner of provocative and ponderable allusion emanated from her pen - some sparked by her own feelings and experiences but all enmeshed and laced together by distilled strands of human relevance. The passive listening experience grew into total mental and emotional engagement.

All three outstanding performers obviously enjoyed their parts - both individually and as a cohesive trio - and displayed a sheer and palpably generous desire to convey this enjoyment to their enchanted audience. It was a complete delight!"

~ Stella Seaton-Sims, former BBC TV director and Senior Broadcast Journalist

Streams of Gold is a very personal body of work where Helena wrote the poetry first and then pieces of music were chosen that reflect the atmosphere of each poem.  

Gold winds itself in and through truly magical stories from Helena's Colombian ancestry and childhood so selecting music written by Latin composers seemed appropriate. And, as the premiere of the programme is taking place in Elgar's Birthplace, The Firs, in Worcestershire, England, it felt right to choose composers who were contemporaries of Elgar.  

Thus, a marvellous programme of poetry and music for cello and piano has been created to provide an hour's reprieve.  Listeners are literally taken into 'another realm' through the imaginative and poetic storytelling and profoundly beautiful music.