Friends of hailes Commission

Pilgrim's Journey

In June 2010, The ESO premiered Pilgrim's Journey (for Victoria Kane, mezzo-soprano, and string orchestra) to commemorate ten years of fund raising efforts by the Friends of Hailes to preserve the medieval paintings inside the nearly 1,000 year old Hailes Church, Gloucestershire.

The score is dedicated to the memory of Lucy Katherine Partington, 1952-1973 who is buried in the churchyard of Hailes.  This beautiful young poet was murdered by The West's and her sister, Marian Partington, kindly attended the premiere.  The Earl of Wymss very kindly donated the use of his tithe barn  for the beautiful summer's evening concert.


Hailes Blood

This is an oil painting of Helena Cavan by Katy Sullivan resting on the stones of Hailes Abbey. The music is Helena's composition and is sung by Victoria Kane and accompanied by the English String Orchestra. This is the beginning of Helena's piece which tells the story of a pilgrim's journey to Hailes Abbey to see the blood of Christ.

Pilgrim's Journey

Pilgrim, pilgrim
Whose blood do you follow
As you lift up each step and head for tomorrow.

Blood in a vial
Cross’s origin old
Weep weary Pilgrim
The vial’s not old.

There is but one blood
Makes your journey worthwhile
There is but one place
For your tears and your bile.

When your tired legs bend
And your eyes cannot open
When your tears do not mend
Peace, weary Pilgrim
Deep desire has spoken.

Now is when you uncover the load
Things you have carried
Of now and from old
In Rest you discover the things you don’t need
Things so familiar you thought they were creed.

Now let end sojourn and wander
And carrying burdens from daylight and yonder.
Lay them down, rip them off
Let His Peace find your heart
Where His Spirit is near
To embrace all your fear
Awake, Precious Pilgrim
A new life is here.